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Formal is New Normal

It is more than clear that we live in an era where the most important thing is to be comfortable, especially when it comes to dressing in everyday life. We all know how stressful and fast life in the city that never sleeps can be. Each and every day you have to be ready for new challenges that come and that’s why every morning we go through our closets looking for something easy and comfortable that doesn’t have to be ironed. In a time of jeans, tank tops, and sneakers I can’t, but wonder – is formal dressing officially dead?

Yes, of course we are not going to wear suits and ties all day, like they do in Downton Abbey (btw, my favorite show); we won’t walk around in our tuxedos like we are ready for the Oscars, because life dictates its own tempo, but wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time where dressing up and looking dashing was everyday style of living. Suits, bowties, beautiful shoes, hats for every occasion! But times were incredibly different back then. It’s true that our modern technology and society has made things much more casual, but there’s still some of us that believe that there’s dignity in dressing up. We can go way back and look at the old TV shows in the 60s that had audiences, and you can see that the men and women were all dressed up in their Sunday best because they believed that you needed to present your best self every day and in every occasion. But today’s society is so different in so many ways. It is so much busier, and things are made to be easier. Go to church and see how many people dress up, or just look at the street. Hardly anyone at all is paying attention to details. We live in a world where sweatpants are a must have, and skinny jeans are been used and abused.

Browsing different sites and doing a search for this article I came across a very interesting discussion about formal dressing. One of the chatters gave a valued point:’’ Everything is made in China now, and costs a dollar or two. No one respects any of their belongings anymore. Even cameras and phones and books are a dime a dozen and when they break after 6 months, no one cares…50 years ago, all these things were very expensive compared to income, so people saved for them, cherished them, and almost considered them precious. Same with clothing. Even “nice” clothes are junk made in Bangladesh. No one is proud of their clothes, so what’s the point of dressing up.”

Even though I agree with some of the things said, I always say: If you want to look good you really don’t need expensive things. Yes, I would love to have a designer suit one day (with unquestionable quality) but until that day, I can always dig in the many amazing vintage shops with designer’s pieces, or I can find cheap versions in some of the most popular brands, like Zara. I know, it might’ve been manufactured in China… and for many, that is cheap trash or the copy of the pieces that designers had put on the runway… but in the same time I cherish and enjoy wearing these pieces on a daily basis. This time I wore it on an ordinary day for a cup of cappuccino, and I didn’t feel strange, actually totally opposite – formal and normal.

Personally, since my early age, I loved to dress up and the person to blame (or praise) for that is my mother. When I look at my childhood photos, I was always very well put together, so the formal look was really my normal look! Naturally, the other kids didn’t get it, so most of the time I was an easy target to make fun of! I still remember one particular Sunday when my mother convinced me to wear a suit and a bow tie during mass service! I was so happy to dress up and go to our village church! To put on a suit on Sunday mass was almost like the Oscars! In reality, it turned out to be very different! When I arrived, I quickly became a big joke among other children, and of course, I went back home weeping! Today, this childhood memory makes me laugh; however, things aren’t that different! One would think that grown-ups have thicker skin, but truly we might be just as sensitive if someone comments negatively on our fashion style! I admit I do take these comments very personally.  Rebuilding my self-esteem on a daily basis is a necessity, and sometimes I do that by having coffee on Tuesday afternoon in my Sunday best! 

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