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The Mixup Comeback

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted on Couture Life Road. To be honest,  I took the break from fashion, got lost in everyday life and temporarily left my passion behind. One of the reasons for my departure from blogging was the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable writing in English, which is my second language. I was and I am still afraid of misspeaking or misrepresenting myself. But in order to succeed, you must not be afraid to fail. And so I am back and ready to pick this up where we left off…

Now let’s talk about fashion.

Working in a professional environment, which is in no way related to fashion,  can be quite challenging, especially in a drab environment that does not encourage its employees to walk to the beat of their own drum. Walking the walk of style every day in New York can be a challenge especially if your commute is long and the working week requires running around the Big Apple. So how the hell are you supposed to look fashionable and still feel comfortable at the same time?  My solution was my own twist on business attire.

I’ll admit, these past few years have found my fashion drum beating a little too quietly, but I soon realized I was losing myself in corporate homogeneity.  I found a way to incorporate my own character or call it a style in business fashion. During my search for the perfect suit, which was required to be blue, I opted for a handsome plaid pattern from the Banana Republic. I then decided to combine this with Ralph Lauren stripey shirt and SprezzaBox polka-dot tie.  The real twist came with the footwear. Even though I’ve always preferred a good leather shoe, I decided to lean towards American practicality with sporty red Diadora sneakers. This infused the outfit with a hip casual vibe.

Finally, the showstopper was a blue raincoat, snatched from Beacons closet (one of my favorite New York thrift store, and discovered by a good friend Rita, who has killer fashion sense). It was yet another layer which gave this look playfulness. I completed my look with the blue Zatchels bag, and the colorful graffiti in Bushwick was a just an additional bonus for this fashion story.

Just in case, bring your best shoes in your bag, you never know where will you end up. This outfit can easily transition from day to night, with minimal adjustments.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and I’ll see you soon with the next post! Cheers, Josip

Photo | Rita Zambori 


Raincoat | Beacon’s Closet

Suit | Banana Republic

Shirt | Ralph Lauren

Sneakers | Diadora 

Tote Bag | Banana Republic

Briefcase | Zatchels

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