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Avantgarde Muslin Brothers

A belated Happy New Year and hello! After almost a month away from New York (and by extension the blogosphere), it’s feel good to be back…and even better to welcome you back! We’re gearing up for an exciting line up of stories, commentary and surprises in the upcoming weeks. So check back often…!

In that spirit, I’d like to play my own part through this humble platform, showcasing the work of emerging designers who are still in a process of building their brands. Let’s be honest, I can’t always help myself: I love to play around with styles, mismatch pieces and find cohesion amongst several visions.

January is a time of reflection, self-improvement and re-thinking old routines. For me, I’ve promised to steer clear of the empty, must-have-because-it-is-trend fashion stories regurgiated daily by the usual suspects: self-profossed social media darlings and influencers. This year I prefer purer perspectives. On the fashion front, why don’t we all strive to get out of our confort zones, embrace new styles, and avoid being so quick to jump on new trends, simply because we’re told they’re “In.”

Through my friends from G.L.E.T. I stumbled upon a gender-neutral lightweight detailed coat made from beige organza. The piece is so light and yet somehow makes such a strong statement. Designed with edgy and raw effect by designing talents Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi, also known as Muslin Brothers. This duo came together in 2011 with a mission to create cultural commentary through fashion and performance art. Eight years later they are presenting two collections annually, in addition to a successful collaboration with Grey Goose.

This See-through jacket on a first glance will fall in sportswear appeal, but I decided to incorporate it with vintage Valentino silk shirt and high waisted pants from the Banana Republic, finishing entire look with Dr. Martens Henton Ghillie shoes in black smooth.

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