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Croatian Couture Immigrant

Hey readers, or reader!

Yes, you, who took time in your life to click on the link and decided to give me a chance to tell my story.

Thank you. I guess.

Welcome to Couture Life Road blog.

If you are asking yourself is this will be yet another post where I will explain how to pair jeans with the right shirt, and jacket, well you are wrong.

Not entirely wrong, just partially, because this is still fashion darling, fashion blog, even though I don’t wear couture clothes, but this fashion expression is one of a kind, literally.

I don’t think you need help with dressing up.

Honestly, if you are not capable of dressing yourself, you have a huge problem, or you are a celebrity who desperately needs a stylist. I will bet on firs.

You see, I love clothes, and I am also a massive fan of fashion, but the problem is that I cannot express myself in writing form as good as I want.  Being an immigrant with a satisfying knowledge level of English language, it is still hard to put a word out there since we live in a world where everything and everyone is judged.  Plus everyone is enormously creative with an endless army of followers.

For me, that battle was lost just by watching and reading other people’s (influencers) posts. It was fascinating to see the scientific approach of describing an H&M sweater, or luxury leather handbag manufactured by the fashion house of Chanel.

The best part was scrolling down to the comments section of the Instagram post where everyone is yelling: Yaaaas, Queen, Lit, This is life, OMG I need this, Sublime, and other ridiculous phrases that doesn’t include the usage of complete sentences.

Fuck it. There is no place for me in this type of world. It is just yet another lost fashion battle full of rigid corps dressed on the dime or credit card feeding this fantastic capitalism and making the American dream possible for everyone, only for Instagram.

But yet again after every battle, regardless of the result, it is crucial to count the soldiers, lick your wounds and move on onto the next chapter.

So my chapter will be cheap, affordable, yet elegant with the splash of good deals when I can afford them. Dior will wait for better times and a bigger budget unless Maria Grazia Chiuri or Kim Jones doesn’t make me a face of Dior, which will happen … in some other life.

For now, you will have to enjoy these “affordable couture stories.”

What am I wearing for this post?

Good question, dear reader.

I am wearing clothes. Groundbreaking right?

To be exact, I am wearing Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Bag, Hat & Sneakers.

Yours truly,

Croatian Couture Immigrant.

PS Thank you Mary & Rita for photos, fabulous time & good beer.

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