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Chef Red

Summer is officially a couple of weeks away, but New York still has a hard time parting away from low temperature and rainy days.

Not sad about that since in a couple of weeks, I will probably be miserable when the temperature goes high, and humid becomes our daily companion.
No more layers, no more boots, and jackets until October.

This is my last hurray to spring with a playful pop of red in the form of kimono chefs jacket that my good friend and fashion snoop, Rita found in Beacon’s Closet.
This store is also one of my favorite shopping destination in NYC.

If you look carefully, you can get unique pieces and also support our planet by avoiding the disposable fashion business model, which only speeds up the pollution and the abuse of garment workers. Choose quality over quantity by buying fewer items that are made to last.

I paired chefs kimono with a black shirt, jeans, and Timberlands, but this piece can easily be stylish during the hot summer days, with the pair of black linen trousers, white T-shirt and Birkenstocks, just let your imagination flow.


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