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/•le deuil l’homme•/

Inspiration for this look and video came from following the story of a friendship between @alexandermcqueen & @isabella.blow
The tragic story of both talented and inspiring people who left us fashion legacy and beautiful story about friendship with its highs and lows.

Utilizing vintage leather coat by @finnvintage, and playing with different textures accompanied by contemporary pieces from @acnestudios
@calvinkleinjean I wanted to create a narrative that will evoke sadness, goth, and avant-garde feel.

/•camera – @rita.zambori •/
/•editing – josip majer•/
/•styling – josip majer•/
hat •/ @rosandasinoria
coat •/ @finnvintage
pants •/ @acnestudios
boots •/ @calvinkleinjean

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