Couture Life Road

Welcome to Couture Life Road.  A lifestyle blog that appraises fashion and style trends through the prism of personal stories.  Our philosophy is simple: every great fashion choice is the sum of one’s life experiences, cultural background, and artistic sensibility.   

The inception of Couture life road began 4 years ago when founder and editor Josip Majer realized his life-long dream of moving to New York from Croatia.  Winning a green card lottery, Josip left his career as a television journalist and host to start a new life in America. Always enamored with the fashion trends that blossomed out of the vibrant New York fashion scene, he decided to create a platform where style enthusiasts from all over the world can convene to explore the styles that inspire their daily lives.


“After spending 28 years of my life in Croatia, I find it impossible to disconnect from my family and the friends, who always want to know what’s happening in New York.  Many of my friends, like me, are obsessed with fashion, and always want to be kept abreast of what’s happening in Manhattan and even Brooklyn! So one part of the Couture Life Road is dedicated to NYC stories, which will be translated into the Croatian language!”


Why “Couture Life Road”?

The definition of Couture is the production of high-end, custom-made clothing. Every experience, life road is custom made and unique, special. Having fashion as a background just emphasizes your personality, gives you the opportunity to express yourself and show the uniqueness of your own road.